On the bottle


The Client: Niepoort  Wines Portugal. As a producer, Niepoort is acknowledged as
one of the leading lights of the Douro and Portugal. The range of wines produced
by this company is extensive and includes a comprehensive selection of all port styles,
rose, white and red table wines.


I worked with Barbara Boyle of the Wicklow Wine Company on Niepoort’s behalf.
The Wicklow Wine Company is the Irish representative of a large number of wine
makers from various European countries.

The Job: After my initial meeting with Barbara I came up with a number of ideas
which we narrowed down to 3.


I roughly sketched these out and the result were emailed to the client
back in Portugal for feedback.


They chose the St Patrick and the Snakes idea (my own choice too!) and I
proceeded to final linework using my trusty (or should that be crusty?) dip
pen and black India ink on Arches hot pressed paper. As you can see from
the rough storyboard version I made minor changes to some of the panels.


My main concerns with the final artwork were clarity and readability.
Because of the relatively small size of a wine label I tried to keep the
line work and action as simple as possible, drawing it just 1 up from
final print size. The Client requested that I use a single colour in the
design so I let the green do some work where possible. After I received
sign off on the finished artwork I sent it to Niepoort for design and print.


The Irish edition of the wine is called Sásta.
As béarla, the name means ‘satisfied, pleased or contented’.It’s produced
from vines in the Cima Corgo, mainly Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz, Touriga Nacional,
Tinta Amerela, Tinta Barroca and Tinta Cao.  The 2006 is the first edition of this Douro
wine for the Irish market.While the label is meant to be fun, the wine is seriously smooth
and tasty..highly recommended!


The same wine is sold in different countries under different names,
each with an individual label designed by a nationally know artist.
Drink Me in the UK (Stephen Appleby), Twisted in the USA (Bill Plympton) etc.
Some of the labels from other countries can be viewed at www.niepoort-vinhos.com
if you click on the second icon from the left hand side and scroll down about half way.