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Monday 28 June 2010 01:01
Say 'Thank You' with the Irish Hospice Foundation

I incoporated sunflowers, the symbol of the hospice movement in my design along with the idea of giving
thanks for the simple things in life. Here's the finished image along with my original rough sketch. For more info about this great project see below.

This November, the Irish Hospice Foundation (IHF) will launch the first ever national ‘Thank You’ day on November 25th 2010. The idea is straightforward; an opportunity for people to simply say ‘Thank You’ - to anyone and for anything. We want to encourage people to take stock and to reach out to the people in their lives who have made a difference. This could be for a significant life event or something as simple as a kind word or act.

To complement the day, and with a view to raising funds, we will be launching a range of ‘Thank You’ cards and a Thank You journal. The cards will be of a high quality design featuring a brief message from a well-known personality. The IHF have invited a wide range of well known Irish and international personalities to submit their own handwritten reflections on gratitude.

Although only at the early stages, we have been delighted at the quality and creativity displayed in the messages we have received to date from personalities such as Brendan Gleeson, Sinead O’Connor, Gay Byrne and Christy Moore. Further messages have been confirmed from Gabriel Byrne, Martin Sheen and Seamus Heaney among many others. We plan to launch a range of twelve cards initially that will be on sale throughout the year. We will refresh the range periodically with new designs and messages.

Modelled on the popular Gratitude Journals in the US, the journal will provide an opportunity for individuals to capture their reflections and thoughts or simply things they feel grateful for. The journal will also feature a number of essays from Irish writers on the subject of thanks and gratitude, and will again have a high design value with illustrations from Irish artists and illustrators throughout. The journals will represent the sixth in the line of Irish Hospice Foundation publications, following on from such successful ventures as the Whoseday Book (1999), Peter & the Wolf (2005), LifeStory (2007) and Zest!(2009).The design of the cards and journal will be overseen by well known Irish designer, Stephen Averill.
Michael Said:
Thanks to family, friends, old and young, near and far who demonstrate and teach patience by sharing it..
12 January 2012 - 16:19
Siobhan Said:
Thanks to my dad for teaching me so much, love always , siobhan
8 October 2010 - 19:22

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