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Friday 29 October 2010 06:37
Business Rugby
This is the cover art for the Oct-November issue of In business magazine. It's for an article
about running up against brick walls when making planning applications. There's text on
the shirts of the players and the ball in the print version..but we don't need that here!

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Friday 29 October 2010 06:28
Good Judgement
These drawings are from a series of 5 I was recently commissioned to do.
They represent the different quality's a court Judge needs to possess. Although
 the deadline was tight it was a really enjoyable project.

The original art was done in pen and black ink on white paper but I thought
 it might be nice to see how they would look in sepia..thanks to photoshop!

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Tuesday 5 October 2010 10:06
Pood Comic Strip 2

My first American Comics work was published by the New York Indie publisher Blurred books under their Big IF comics imprint. It appeared in issue one of Pood earlier this year.

This is a sneak Preview of my contribution to Issue two of Pood which will be published in November 2010 and can be ordered from the september issue of previews: Order Code: SEP100844.

You can view my full strip here.

It was also my entry for the wonderful Laundry show that recently took place at Dublins South Studios.Thanks to Steve Doogan for organising such a great show!

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